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Green Freight Program


Stream 1: up to $250,000; Stream 2: capped at $5M and will be subject to a 50% cost share.


The Green Freight Program will help fleets reduce their fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through fleet energy assessments, fleet retrofits, engine repowers, logistical best-practice implementation and the purchase of low carbon vehicles. This will be administered through two key funding streams.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for a grant, Applicants must meet the following two (2) requirements:

  1. Only entities operating in Canada are eligible to apply. Eligible Applicants include:
    • Companies;
    • Industry associations;
    • Research associations;
    • Standards organizations;
    • Indigenous and community groups;
    • Canadian academic institutions; and
    • Provincial, territorial, regional, or municipal governments or their departments or agencies where applicable.
  2. Entity must have one or more heavy-duty vehicles for business use in their fleet that is licensed and insured to operate in Canada.

Vehicle eligibility criteria:

  • Have been in service for a minimum of one (1) year; and
  • Be within the eligible vehicles weight classes

Eligible Expenses

Stream 1:

  • Providing grants towards Third-Party Fleet Energy Assessments and Truck/Trailer Equipment Retrofits.
  • For Fleet Energy Assessments, the Program will provide up to 50% per company, to a maximum of $40,000. For Truck/Trailer Equipment Retrofits, the Program has established a list of eligible technologies and will provide up to 50% per device. The maximum amount payable for eligible activities under Stream 1 is $250,000 per Applicant.

Stream 2:

  • Providing 50% cost shared funding towards fuel-switching, engine repowers and large scale improved logistical best-practice projects in non-repayable contributions provisions.
  • The maximum amount payable through the Green Freight Program will be capped at $5M and will be subject to a 50% cost share.

Deadline Date

  Stream 1: March 31, 2027; Stream 2: Launch Date - Spring 2023.
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