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Green Municipal Fund (GMF) | Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)


50% of eligible costs for plans, feasibility studies and pilot projects — to a maximum of $175,000 for plans and feasibility studies, and a maximum of $350,000 for pilot projects.


GMF is a unique program that provides funding and knowledge services to support sustainable community development. GMF-supported initiatives aim to improve air, water, and soil, and mitigate the impacts of climate change. We support the very best examples of leadership and innovation by championing initiatives that can generate new lessons and models for municipalities of all sizes and types in all regions of Canada. These initiatives offer significant environmental benefits, a strong business case and social advantages, complemented by local policies and measurement systems.

Through GMF, FCM funds three types of municipal environmental initiatives (plans, studies, and projects) in five sectors of municipal activity. We share the lessons and expertise gained through these initiatives through a suite of skills enhancement, training and knowledge sharing activities to encourage other communities to replicate their success. Funding is allocated in five sectors of municipal activity: brownfields, energy, transportation, waste and water.

Eligible Applicants

GMF funding is available to all municipal governments and their partners in eligible projects.

Partners of municipal governments include the following types of entities:

  • Municipally owned organizations
  • Non-municipally owned organizations
  • Private-sector companies
  • Not-for-profit companies
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Any other types of organizations not listed above

Eligible Expenses

  • Plans, including sustainable neighbourhood action plans, community brownfield action plans and greenhouse gas reduction plans
  • Feasibility studies and pilot projects aligned with our capital project criteria in the brownfields, energy, transportation, waste and water sectors
  • Capital projects in the brownfields, energy, transportation, waste and water sectors

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Green Municipal Fund

Phone Number: 1-877-997-9926

E-mail Address:


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