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Greening Canada’s School Grounds | Tree Canada




Creating an interactive, educational landscape engages youths’ curiosity and gives parents, teachers, and staff the opportunity to take part in learning, too. The planning and maintenance of school gardens and trees is undertaken by the school community, with opportunities for students to make their own contributions, and with help from Tree Canada experts.

Greening your school grounds is a positive step towards creating a healthier school environment. It creates:

  • A forum for science education and an understanding of the role of trees in climate change
  • Shade protection from harmful UVB rays
  • An opportunity for education on wildlife habitat conservation
  • A sense of community ownership and belonging
  • An aesthetically pleasing and creative environment for children to play in
  • Direct interaction with the natural world

Eligible Applicants

Canadian schools

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Tree Canada

Phone Number: 1-877-666-1444

E-mail Address:


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