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Growing Canada’s Forests (GCF) program – Early Start Projects




The Growing Canada’s Forests (GCF) program is accepting Expressions of Interests (EOIs) from experienced organizations to identify new cost-shared tree planting projects across Canada for 2021. Projects that add trees to existing tree planting projects will also be considered.

Eligible Applicants

Organizations that have the experience, capacity and expertise to deliver cost-shared tree planting projects in 2021, can submit an EOI to the Growing Canada’s Forests program.

To apply, you must have:

  • implemented large-scale tree planting projects (e.g. planted 5,000 trees in one season) in the last three years, and
  • have access to trees and land to plant a minimum of 5,000 trees in 2021

To apply, your organization must be:

  • a municipal or local government or one of their agencies, or a regional municipal organization
  • a regional municipal organization
  • a not-for-profit organization (e.g. registered charitable organizations; volunteer organizations; community, professional, industry or other associations; land conservation organization or non-government organizations)
  • a for-profit organization (e.g. corporation or registered business entity)
  • an Indigenous organization (for profit or not-for-profit) or community

Eligible Expenses

Funded by the Government of Canada, the Growing Canada’s Forests program aims to motivate and support new tree planting projects. Supplementary activities (e.g. additional tree planting) to expand existing tree planting projects projects are included.

Deadline Date

March 25, 2021
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