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Habitat Stewardship Program (HSP) for Species at Risk | Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)


$30,000 – $100,000 (A minimum of 1:1 matching contributions from non-federal sources is required).


The Habitat Stewardship Program (HSP) allocates funds to projects that conserve and protect species at risk and their habitats and help to preserve biodiversity as a whole. These funds promote the participation of local communities to help with the recovery of species at risk and preventing other species from becoming a conservation concern. Funding under the HSP is separated into two distinct streams:

  • The HSP Species at Risk Stream focuses on projects addressing the recovery of species at risk listed on Schedule 1 of the Species at Risk Act (SARA)
  • The HSP Prevention Stream focuses on projects addressing other species, beyond those listed on SARA to prevent them from becoming a conservation concern

Eligible Applicants

  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Community groups
  • Aboriginal organizations and communities
  • Private corporations
  • Educational institutions
  • Provincial, territorial and municipal governments
  • Crown corporations

Activities must take place on private lands, provincial Crown lands, Aboriginal lands, or in aquatic and marine areas across Canada.

Deadline:Effective start date of application period: November annually
Effective end date of application period: December annually

Eligible Expenses

Activities eligible for funding include:

  • habitat protection and securement
  • habitat improvement
  • species and habitat threat abatement
  • conservation planning
  • surveys, inventories and monitoring
  • project evaluation
  • outreach and education

Activities other than those listed above may be considered subject to approval.

Deadline Date

February 27, 2020
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