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Health Innovation Talent Development │Alberta Innovates


$55,000 per annum


The Health Innovation Talent Development program is designed to support the growth, acquisition, and retention of highly skilled individuals that will strengthen Alberta’s health research and innovation ecosystem. This program offers funding to support individuals in Alberta to develop the skills and experience needed to drive Alberta’s future health research and innovation ecosystem.

Recent Opportunities: Postdoctoral Fellowships in Health Innovation 2+1.

The Postdoctoral Fellowships in Health Innovation 2+1 (PFHI 2+1) program is intended to generate R&I talent that will drive growth and competitiveness in the following areas of strategic importance:

  • Emerging and Strategic Opportunities
  • Health System Transformation
  • Health Innovation & Technology Acceleration

Eligible Applicants

To qualify for funding all Trainees must:
• Have completed a PhD at the time of award implementation;
• Have accepted or currently hold a postdoctoral appointment at one of the following Post-Secondary Institutions: University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Lethbridge (the “Applicant” or collectively the “Applicants”).
• Have been shortlisted for this competition by the Post-Secondary Institution at which the postdoctoral appointment is located; and
• Not already hold a major award that provides a stipend for postdoctoral studies

Eligible Expenses

Funded trainees must implement their award by March 1, 2021 to be eligible for the full-term. Alberta Innovates’
Investment is disbursed as follows:

Postgraduate Fellowships: $55,000* per annum for up to two years. Fellowship holders may also apply for an additional year of Stipend support (at the same rate of $55,000 per annum) to gain valuable experience and skills beyond those acquired through direct research training.

*Stipends may be subject to the Income Tax Act and Regulations of the Government of Canada.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Nicole Mardis, Program Manager - Health Innovation

Phone Number: 780-429-7652

E-mail Address:


Industry: University Partnerships, Location: Alberta ,
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