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Health Services Integration Fund:




The Health Services Integration Fund (HSIF) is an initiative supporting collaborative planning and multi-year projects aimed at better meeting the health-care needs of First Nations and Inuit.

Through HSIF, Indigenous Services Canada is working with other provincial, territorial and First Nations and Inuit organizations to:

  • improve First Nations and Inuit access to health services through cross-jurisdictional collaborative initiatives
  • improve the service-level integration of federally, provincially and territorially funded health programs and services for First Nations and Inuit
  • adapt the respective territorial or provincial governments’ health programs and services to better serve First Nations and Inuit
  • integrate traditional First Nations and Inuit healing methods and cultural practices into the health system
  • support the collaboration of First Nations and Inuit with partners in the planning, delivery and management of health programs and services
  • build the capacity of Indigenous peoples to control the design, delivery and management of health programs and services

Eligible Applicants


Eligible Expenses

HSIF funding can be used to fund First Nations and Inuit communities and organizations to:

  • implement and test integration agreements and arrangements
  • develop new governance models to increase First Nations and Inuit control over health service delivery
  • support multilateral tables with representatives from First Nations and Inuit organizations, provincial and territorial departments and Indigenous Services Canada to work together to support integration, aggregation and work on joint initiatives

Activities supported through HSIF can include:

  • collaboration between several levels of government to develop integrated services
  • the provision of culturally appropriate services
  • establishing partnerships for healthcare planning and delivery
  • increasing the capacity in First Nation and Inuit communities to design, deliver and manage their own services

Deadline Date



Contact Name: First Nations and Inuit health regional offices or First Nations and Inuit Health Branch regional executives - Alberta

Phone Number: 780-495-2703


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