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Heritage Awareness Grants


up to $25,000.


Heritage awareness grants support the delivery of interpretive and public engagement projects that preserve, interpret, and promote appreciation of Alberta’s history.

Eligible Applicants

  • The following applicants may apply for the grant:
    • individuals that reside in Alberta or have a permanent Alberta address
    • registered organizations in Alberta:
      • non-profit organizations
      • corporations
      • municipalities
      • churches
      • schools and other educational institutions
      • First Nations
      • Metis Settlements

Eligible Expenses

The following projects and expenses may be covered by the grant:

  • design, fabrication and installation of heritage markers, plaques, cairns, monuments, and interpretive displays that provide substantial information about Alberta’s history
    • A copy of the interpretive text must accompany the application.
  • production of multimedia or participatory projects that will promote awareness of Alberta’s history such as videos, broadcasts, walking tours, plays and heritage component of websites
    • Content must be provided. The costs of maintaining websites is not eligible.
  • delivery of public educational programs that will increase knowledge and understanding of Alberta’s history
    • Content of the program must be provided.
  • attending professional development opportunities within the field of heritage preservation such as workshops, seminars or conferences on heritage preservation
    • Applicant must provide evidence that attendance is vital to his/her career in heritage preservation.
  • organizing and presenting local or provincial workshops, seminars, conferences or lectures that encourage public involvement in heritage preservation and promote knowledge about Alberta’s history
    • Agenda and program must be provided.
  • costs associated with cultural protocols such as gifting to Elders and knowledge keepers and organizing sharing circles
    • Costs should be budgeted at standard Government of Alberta rates.

Deadline Date

  The annual application deadline is the first working day of February.


Contact Name: Carina Naranjilla

Phone Number: 780-431-2305

E-mail Address:


Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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