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Hire an Indigenous Youth for a Housing Internship | CMHC:




CMHC’s Housing Internship for Indigenous Youth (HIIY) program provides financial assistance – a wage subsidy – to organizations and businesses in the housing sector to hire Indigenous youth for internship positions.

Eligible Applicants


  • Indigenous governments and affiliated organizations including Band and Tribal Councils and self-government entities
  • Public or not-for-profit Indigenous organizations
  • For-profit Indigenous businesses
  • Public, private or not-for-profit non-Indigenous employers seeking to employ Indigenous youth


  • youth must not be receiving Employment Insurance while they participate in the HIIY program
  • they must agree to discontinue Employment Insurance benefits before starting the internship
  • interns can’t be employed elsewhere during the internship
  • interns can live anywhere in Canada – on or off reserve, in northern, rural, remote or urban area

Eligible Expenses

Internship positions include:

  • housing administration
  • maintenance
  • construction / renovation
  • tenant relations
  • trades apprenticeships

Deadline Date

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