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Hosting Program – International Single Sport Events | Department of Canadian History


Up to $50,000 – Minimum 6 months prior to the event; Recurring event between $50,001 and $250,000 – Minimum 8 months prior to the event; New event between $50,001 and $250,000 – Minimum 12 months prior to the event Over $250,000 (Tier II) – Minimum 24 months prior to the event


The Hosting Program assists sport organizations to host the Canada Games and international sport events in Canada.

The Program contributes to sport excellence and enhances the international profile of sport organizations in Canada. It also delivers economic, social and cultural benefits to Canadian communities.

The International Single Sport Events component assists sport organizations to host international single sport events in Canada. It aims to enhance high-performance sport development and the international profile of Canadian sport organizations.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for funding, an applicant must:

Eligible Expenses

Requests for support are generally restricted to operating costs only.

Deadline Date

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