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Housing Supply Challenge: Round 4 – Building for the Future │ Impact Canada


Stage 1 – Incubation Funding for prototyping: Up to 25 Shortlisted Applications will receive $150k; Stage 2 – Implementation Funding: Selected solutions will share a pool of $38.5M


This challenge is about finding ways to make it easier to build houses. It addresses construction-related barriers to housing supply. This can be done by funding activities that support the adoption and preparation for replication and scaling, and to accelerate the use of:

  • construction processes
  • techniques
  • systems
  • materials

Eligible Applicants

Lead Applicant must be a legal entity:

  • For-profit (ex: housing developers, builders, construction professionals, general contractors, technology companies, start-ups, architects etc.)
  • Not-for-profit organizations (ex: housing providers)
  • Indigenous organizations, governments, groups, housing agencies and authorities
  • Canadian post-secondary institutions
  • Governments (provincial, territorial, Indigenous, municipal, local and regional)
  • Teams composed of a variety of participants

* All participants must be affiliated with a legally incorporated organization.

Eligible Expenses

The challenge prioritizes solutions that accelerate the creation and preservation of housing that is affordable, climate compatible and meets people’s needs.

Round 4 consists of 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: concept development and initial application
  • Stage 2: design and feasibility plan and final application
  • Stage 3: implementation

Deadline Date

  Initial Submissions: April 13, 2023.


Contact Name: Housing Supply Challenge Support Program through Evergreen

Phone Number: 647-670-2265

E-mail Address:


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