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Imagining Canada’s Future Ideas Lab │ Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


ICF Ideas Lab grants are valued at up to $125,000 per year over two years, up to a total of $250,000. Up to three grants will be awarded.


SSHRC invites letters of interest from researchers wanting to participate in a virtual, interactive and interdisciplinary research design workshop taking place over two weeks at the end of October 2021.

This virtual workshop is the first stage of the Imagining Canada’s Future (ICF) Ideas Lab, a multistep funding opportunity. An Ideas Lab is an innovative way to stimulate and support interdisciplinary projects that present creative solutions to pressing global challenges. There are three components to the ICF Ideas Lab framework: the workshop, the application for the funding opportunity and the project development phase.

Eligible Applicants

The ICF Ideas Lab is open to researchers from the social sciences and humanities as well as other disciplines.

Eligible Expenses

Following the workshop, the merit review committee will review and evaluate the presentations and related documents describing the project ideas. Teams with project ideas that meet the evaluation criteria will be invited to submit fully developed funding applications for Stage 2 of the ICF Ideas Lab. The Stage 2 funding is intended to support the teams as they further advance their projects and establish multisectoral partnerships.

Teams will have up to two months to complete and submit their proposals for Stage 2. A merit review committee consisting of the workshop’s peer mentors and a small number of external experts will evaluate and identify meritorious applications. Up to three grants of up to $250,000 will be awarded. Participation in the Ideas Lab workshop is no guarantee of funding.

Deadline Date

  July 16, 2021
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