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Indigenous Arts Individual Project Funding | Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA)




This funding provides up to $15,000 to support the development of an individual Indigenous artist, arts administrators, or an ensemble of artists in Alberta by providing funding for a specific cultural or artistic project.

Eligible Applicants

This funding opportunity is intended to support artistic and cultural activities led by Indigenous individuals residing in Alberta including First Nations, Métis and Inuit. To be eligible for individual project funding you must be a resident(s) of Alberta. This means you:

  • Are legally entitled to be or remain in Canada
  • Have had your primary residence in Alberta for one full year before applying
  • Ordinarily live in Alberta for at least six months each year with the exception of attending a formal program of study

Alberta individual artists that have been contracted by commissioners to create a specific work are eligible to apply for project support through this funding opportunity.

Ensembles and collectives are eligible if they are made up of members who meet the individual criteria:

  • Applicants, including ensembles, must not be incorporated under either provincial or federal legislation

Eligible Expenses

  • Contracted artist and/or technician fees
  • Commission fees
  • Production
  • Promotion and publicity
  • Transportation and accommodation
  • Mentorship costs, such as honoraria and protocol, or fees for mentors or elders, as well associated travel and accommodation and living costs for mentors
  • Tuition or training fees
  • Royalties
  • Administration and contract fees
  • Basic living/subsistence expenses (housing, local transportation, food, child care, dependent care) up to $3,000/month
  • Other expenses and supplies considered by the AFA to be reasonable and necessary

Deadline Date

  March 1, 2023, September 1, 2023


Contact Name: Kari McQueen, Arts Development Consultant - Visual Arts and New Media

Phone Number: 780-415-0288

E-mail Address:


Industry: Indigenous, Location: Alberta ,
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