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Indigenous Capacity Support Program




The Indigenous Capacity Support Program (ICSP) is one of four components of the Agency Funding Framework. Under this Program, funding is available to assist in supporting community understanding of environmental assessment and impact assessment (EA/IA) processes and related issues in order to meaningfully participate in EA/IAs and in EA/IA related engagement. This work would be aligned with the work of other federal departments with similar capacity building programs

Eligible Applicants

Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous aggregates, and Indigenous organizations may apply for funding.

Eligible activities include:

  • Developing or supporting organizational capacity of Indigenous communities or organizations to participate in, direct and/or undertake assessments, as well as delivering information, data and studies to support the implementation of regional/strategic approaches or project EAs/IAs;
  • Strengthening awareness of EA/IA issues within Indigenous communities through outreach activities; and
  • Designing and delivering workshops; training programs or materials for Indigenous Peoples, communities or organizations related to EA/IA, including activities to:
    • document current use of the land or resources;
    • identify environmental, health, social or economic impacts, impacts on rights, or document Indigenous knowledge ;
    • participate in, leading and/or direct a project EA/IA process;
    • lead community engagement and coordinate consultation; and
    • participate and/or lead follow-up and monitoring activities.

The Agency may establish priorities for funding, which will be outlined in the annual announcement of funding availability.

Eligible Expenses

The following expenses are eligible for funding under all streams of the Program:

  • Reporting Costs
  • Professional Services
  • Travel Expenses (including travel kilometers/flights, meals, incidentals and accommodation)
  • Honoraria for Elders and ceremonial offerings (including costs associated with providing Indigenous or community knowledge relevant to the engagement activity. The Elder cannot be in receipt of a salary or any other direct income for the activity for which an honorarium is claimed. Ceremonial offerings include relevant costs associated with providing gifts, such as tobacco offered to the Elder(s), in recognition for provided Indigenous or community knowledge relevant to the engagement activity).

To qualify for reimbursement, all costs must be attributed to these expense categories and must directly contribute to activities described in the approved work plan as outlined in the Schedule to the Master Contribution Agreement.

Deadline Date

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