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Indigenous Community Business Fund (ICBF) │ Apeetogosan Metis Development Inc. & Pinnacle Business Services Ltd.


Up to $5,000 with collectives eligible for a maximum of $50,000.


This fund will provide non-repayable financial support to Métis owned micro-business and businesses collectively owned by MNA Regions, Locals, and Métis Settlements that do not qualify for the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) or other federal support programs.

Eligible Applicants

Micro and collectively owned Métis businesses.
Métis artists, musicians, crafters, and small producers of products and services

Eligible Expenses

The non-repayable contributions can be used for operating costs like:

  • Salaries and benefits
  • Bank fees and interest payments
  • Rent and loan payments
  • Utilities
  • Other applicable operating costs

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Apeetogosan Metis Development Inc. & Pinnacle Business Services Ltd.

Phone Number: 780-452-7951 or 1-800-252-7963

E-mail Address:


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