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Indigenous Employment Training Partnerships:




Indigenous Employment Training Partnerships provides grant funding to Indigenous communities and organizations to deliver group-training projects designed in partnership with employers and other partners.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are Indigenous organizations, including:

  • First Nations on or off reserve, Tribal or regional organizations
  • Métis on or off Settlements, Métis representative groups
  • other Indigenous organizations and employers

Eligible training participants are Indigenous individuals who are:

  • unemployed or under-employed
  • in need of and able to benefit from skills training to obtain and maintain employment
  • other requirements as determined by the partners

Eligible Expenses

Eligible projects under the Indigenous Employment Training Partnerships Program depend on needs identified by the partnership. Projects are custom designed based on participant and industry needs and must include formal training, for example, occupational training.


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Contact Name: Indigenous Partnership team

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Industry: Employment, Indigenous, Location: Alberta ,
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