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Indigenous Guardians Pilot Program


$25 million over four years


Indigenous Guardians Pilot Program provide Indigenous Peoples with greater opportunity to exercise responsibility in stewardship of their traditional lands, waters, and ice.

The Pilot Program supports Indigenous rights and responsibilities in protecting and conserving ecosystems, developing and maintaining sustainable economies, and continuing the profound connections between Canadian landscape and Indigenous culture.

Eligible Applicants

The Pilot Program is being implemented jointly with First Nations, Inuit, and Metis using an individual approach that respects and recognizes the unique perspectives, rights, responsibilities and needs of Indigenous Peoples.

  • First Nations
  • Inuit
  • Métis

Eligible organizations are Indigenous communities, Indigenous Nations, governments, and representative organizations are eligible for funding under the Pilot Program.

Eligible Expenses

The kinds of initiatives eligible for funding under the Pilot Program include:

  • research
  • surveys
  • inventories and monitoring
  • collection and gathering of Indigenous traditional knowledge
  • conservation planning
  • outreach and education
  • best management land-use practice
  • capacity building
  • training
  • species management/restoration
  • species protection
  • species and habitat threat abatement
  • habitat improvement
  • habitat management for maintenance and improvement of ecosystem services

Deadline Date

  The call for proposals should open in the fall 2020. Please click the link indicated below for update.
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