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Infrastructure Operating Fund │Canada Foundation for Innovation


up to $1,000,000.


The Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF) helps cover a portion of the operating and maintenance costs of CFI-funded research infrastructure to ensure its optimal use. It is the institution’s responsibility to secure the remaining portion from other sources.

Eligible Applicants

Universities, colleges and research hospitals and Non-profit research institutions

Eligible Expenses

  • Research equipment and components
  • Shipping, transportation and installation of research infrastructure, including brokerage fees, excise taxes and duties
  • Warranties and/or service contracts
  • Software subscriptions and licences
  • Laboratory furniture
  • Communications infrastructure essential for the research activities described in the proposal
  • Travel to a manufacturer, dealer or supplier to select research infrastructure
  • Initial training for the main operator(s) of the research infrastructure. It is expected that the main operator(s) will train other users. Alternatively, an initial group training session may be provided by the vendor at the institution.
  • Salaries (including benefits) of professional, technical and managerial personnel, consultants and contractors directly involved in the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, construction or renovation of the infrastructure
  • Construction or renovation of space essential to house and use the infrastructure or to conduct the research activities described in the proposal
  • Acquisition of a database or the time-limited design and development of a database to the point that it is ready for exploitation by a designated research community

Deadline Date

  The institution must submit the award finalization documents to the CFI within nine months of award approval.


Contact Name: Canada Foundation for Innovation

Phone Number: 16139476496

E-mail Address:


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