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Innovation Fund Project Grants:




Since the FQR Innovation Fund was launched in 2009, we have provided over $8 million in funding for more than 80 projects to:

  • streamline the processes for the assessment and recognition of foreign processes
  • develop up-to-date, plain language information for FQR processes
  • develop programs that bridge to licensure or to professional certification and prepare internationally trained Albertans to meet our professional standards
  • enhance bridge-to-employment programs to help internationally trained Albertans enter the workforce
  • help employers integrate and retain internationally trained Albertans

Eligible Applicants

These Canadian-based organizations can apply for Innovation Fund grants:

  • professional regulatory organizations
  • employers
  • immigrant-serving organizations
  • post-secondary institutions
  • business/consulting firms
  • non-governmental organizations

The Principal Applicant (and any co-applicant):

  • cannot be employees of the Government of Alberta
  • must have the qualifications and appropriate expertise to implement the proposed project
  • must agree to data sharing within the time period outlined in the grant agreement
  • must provide reports within the time period outlined in the grant agreement
  • must be willing to complete evaluation surveys, collect and report on measurable outcomes and provide information/summary resources in layman’s terms

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

  There are no open calls for proposals at this time.


Contact Name: Foreign Qualification Recognition Team

E-mail Address:


Industry: Employment, Non-Profit, Location: Alberta , Tags: Immigrant  
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