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Innu Nitassinan Mining Fund | Government of Québec


Maximum $300,000


The Québec government encourages the participation of the Aboriginal communities of the Middle and Far North in the development of the mineral potential of this vast unexplored territory.

The preferred approach is to foster the creation of mineral exploration funds in Aboriginal communities and to support mineral potential development, mineral exploration awareness, workforce training, and prospecting activities. and exploration, technical and financial assistance to prospectors and assistance with the creation of exploration companies.

The annual assistance offered covers the Middle and Far North regions and can reach $ 300,000 per fund. The Aboriginal community must also participate in the fund’s activities.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date


Contact Name: nnu Nitassinan Mining Fund

Phone Number: (418) 726-3529


Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Quebec ,
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