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Institutional Support of Entrepreneurship Education


Eligible projects can receive up to $15,000 in funding.


Institutional Support of Entrepreneurship Education (ISEE) provides Alberta’s publicly funded institutions and other innovative organizations with funding to offer entrepreneurial learning opportunities to secondary and post-secondary students and recent graduates, to help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset for their futures in a knowledge-based economy.

Eligible Applicants

To know more about your eligibility, please click the link indicated below.

Eligible Expenses

Projects funded by ISEE should have the following outcomes:

  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset in Albertan students through the delivery of local and provincial programming.
  • Provide entrepreneurship education and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Cultivate a stronger entrepreneurial culture.

Deadline Date

  Please click the link indicated below for update.


Contact Name: Sarah Lee Team Lead, Graduate Student Scholarships - Post-Secondary Investments

Phone Number: 780-450-5553

E-mail Address:


Industry: Software/Technology, Location: Alberta ,
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