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ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Standard │ Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)


up to 60% of eligible costs for for-profit organizations and up to 75% of eligible costs for not-for-profit organizations to a maximum of $40,000 per facility.


The ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Standard is an internationally recognized voluntary standard that gives organizations a structured framework to improve energy performance by making better use of energy-intensive assets.

Organizations that have implemented ISO 50001 have reduced energy costs and increased competitiveness while minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other environmental impacts

Eligible Applicants

Eligible organizations include commercial and institutional buildings owners and operators, municipal/provincial/territorial governments, utilities, industry associations, and Indigenous organizations.

Eligible Expenses

  • salaries of internal employees for work specific to the energy management system (EnMS)
  • professional, scientific and technical fees specific to the EnMS
  • fees for data collection, benchmarking, monitoring and analysis services
  • purchase of instrumentation software and metering equipment (other capital costs are ineligible)
  • fees associated with obtaining ISO 50001 certification (re-certification or fees associated with re-certification are ineligible)
  • fees associated with training on the EnMS

Deadline Date

  The call for proposals for the Natural Resources Canada ISO 50001 program for commercial and institutional buildings will open in Fall 2022.
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