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John R. Evans Leaders Fund


Universities can submit proposals requesting up to $800,000 from the CFI, with a maximum total eligible cost of $2 million.


The John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) is a critical strategic investment tool designed to help institutions attract and retain the very best of today’s and tomorrow’s researchers. The fund’s name pays tribute to the outstanding contributions of John R. Evans, the first Chair of the CFI’s Board of Directors.

Eligible Applicants

  • Canadian universities recognized as eligible must have a minimum annual average of $200,000 over the last three years in research funding received from the three federal research funding agencies (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada).
  • Research hospitals and research institutes wanting to apply may do so through the eligible university with which they are affiliated.

The researcher(s) listed on the proposal must be:

  • A recognized leader or have demonstrated the potential for excellence in the proposed research field(s);
  • Engaged in or embarking upon research/ technology development that is original, internationally competitive and of high quality; and,
  • A current faculty member with a full-time academic appointment or a candidate that the institution is in the process of recruiting to a full-time academic position in an area of strategic importance.

Eligible Expenses

This fund offers institutions the opportunity to create competitive research support packages in the form of infrastructure and a portion of the operating and maintenance costs , coupled with direct research costs from partner organizations.

Deadline Date

  Annually: February 15; June 15 ; October 15


Contact Name: Canada Foundation for Innovation

Phone Number: 613 947-6496

E-mail Address:


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