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John Ware Youth Empowerment Program:


Alberta’s government is providing an additional $150,000 to Global Village Centre to meet the needs of local youth in the community.


The John Ware Youth Empowerment Program, designed by the Global Village Centre and started as a pilot in 2021, honours the legacy of John Ware by helping youth in rural Alberta develop life and career skills. The mentorship program works to help youth develop their career and life plans and become more productive and engaged members of their communities.

Eligible Applicants

Newcomers and visible minority youth.

Eligible Expenses

Located in Brooks, this program focuses on the challenges many newcomers and visible minority youth face pursuing life and career goals due to a lack of connections and resources. The program addresses this gap in supports by offering mentorship and scholarship opportunities, as well supplementary supports such as modules in financial literacy.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Global Village Centre

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Industry: Employment, Location: Alberta ,
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