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Kenneth J. Fyke Award | Canadian Blood Services


Up to $100,000


The Kenneth J. Fyke Award program supports health services and policy research in order to promote the development of evidence-based Canadian practices and policies in blood transfusion, blood stem cell transplantation, and organ and tissue transplantation for the benefit of Canadian patients. The Winter 2021 Kenneth J. Fyke Award will support one project with up to $100,000 for a period of one year.

Eligible Applicants

• Applicant: The Applicant must be a Canadian researcher affiliated with a Canadian academic program related to health services or health policy or transfusion medicine, stem cell transplantation, or organ/tissue donation and transplantation medicine as a faculty
member. The Applicant is responsible for submitting the application, delivering the project as approved, and reporting on project progress to Canadian Blood Services. Priority will be given to applicants that are not (at the time of application) employees of/or contracted to Canadian Blood Services, in the case of equally ranked applications.
• Team composition: There is no restriction on the number of team members; however, all team members must have a defined role in the project, and their expertise must be clearly required to adequately address the project goals.

Eligible Expenses

The proposed project budget must not exceed $100,000 for one year.
• Funds cannot be used for salary support for investigators (i.e., individuals who are eligible to apply for operating funds from the federal agencies).
• Funds may be used for trainee stipends, research staff salaries (e.g., research assistants), expendable materials and supplies, project team collaborative and networking activities (e.g., team meetings, conference calls, travel), and knowledge dissemination activities (e.g., publication costs).
• The purchase of small items of equipment is permissible; however, the maximum that can be spent on equipment over the one-year grant funding period is $8,500 (exclusive of applicable taxes). Small equipment including electronic devices comprising communication, computer, or audiovisual devices may be purchased using these funds. Canadian Blood Services assumes ownership of all items purchased with Kenneth J. Fyke Award funds.
• Funds cannot be used towards equipment maintenance or service contracts.
• Kenneth J. Fyke Award funds may be used for the payment of contracted services on a fee for service basis (e.g., statistical support).
• Kenneth J. Fyke Award funds are only to be used towards the direct costs of research; no funding is to be used for indirect costs (e.g., institutional overhead).

Deadline Date

March 19, 2021
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