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Leanne Children’s Foundation




Leanne’s family created the Leanne Children’s Foundation to honour the memory of a cherished daughter and sister, dear friend, and creative fun-loving child.

The goal of the foundation is to assist children to reach their full potential, to encourage them to reach for their dreams, and in striving to achieve these goals, to take nothing for granted.

Our mandate is to assist children of 15 years and under, who are in need, to learn and play in the following areas:

  • Literacy
  • Visual Arts
  • Dance and Theatre
  • Writing
  • Sports
  • Kids’ camps for short or long periods
  • Music
  • We also assist children who are in need of food, shelter, and medical care.


Eligible Applicants

  • The organization should have low expenses for fundraising, staff, offices, and promotion
  • The person or organization overseeing the program for which the donation is requested, must reside, or be located, in Canada

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Fern Jordan

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