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Learn to Play Project | RBC


Learn to Play Community Action Grants and Learn to Skate Program ($1,000 to $10,000); Learn to Play Leadership Grants ($10,001 to $25,000)


The RBC Learn to Play Project will provide grants to local organizations and communities in support of building the physical literacy of Canada’s kids and youth. There are two types of programs:

RBC Learn to Play Community Action Grants and RBC Learn to Skate Program ($1,000 to $10,000) will be awarded to local organizations that teach new skills or sports to kids, and/or expose them to a multiple sports or multiple skills such as swimming or skating lessons. Programs eligible for funding include those that:

Provide instruction/learning of a new skill or sport that the child/youth would otherwise not have an opportunity to experience; and/or

Emphasize and expose children/youth to a multi-sport or multi-skill participation experience; and/or

Implement a new approach/delivery to sport and physical activity through the creation of programs recommended by Canadian Sport for Life

RBC Learn to Play Leadership Grants ($10,001 to $25,000): will be awarded to community groups that are developing or implementing action plans to transform the way sport and physical activities are planned and delivered, such as programs that makes sports available for new immigrant youth.

Communities are defined as municipalities and/or a group of organizations that come together for a common purpose and share mutual objectives. Proposals that facilitate collaboration between sport, education, recreation and health sectors and align programming within the community are encouraged.

Eligible Applicants

Local organizations and communities.

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

  Currently closed. Future deadline to be determined.


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