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Major Innovation Fund (MIF)


up to 50% of the applicant's identified total project cost. The MIF funding floor per project is $3M and the funding ceiling is $7M, over 4 years to support a 5-year project.


The Major Innovation Fund (MIF) is an outcomes-focused program that supports research and innovation investments of strategic and commercial interest as part of the Alberta Technology and Innovation Strategy (ATIS). These projects will secure and strengthen Alberta’s competitive position in research and technology development, attract and retain top talent, support industries and local businesses, and leverage additional investments by highlighting unique-to-Alberta initiatives.

The available allocation to this competition is up to $30M over 4 years.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible institutions

Only Alberta Comprehensive Academic and Research Universities (CARUs), which consists of the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Lethbridge and Athabasca University, not individual researchers, may submit a proposal. Application submissions are further restricted by challenge area and number of proposals per eligible research university, as outlined in the MIF call for proposals.

Researchers from eligible institutions must contact their institution’s research office to discuss their respective institutional processes and partnership requirements.

Eligible Expenses

Post-secondary institutions will have the opportunity to submit proposals and assemble teams to build research excellence and innovative capacity in the following areas:

  • Disease Management and Therapeutic Development
  • Medical Device Innovations
  • eHealth and mHealth Technologies
  • Critical Minerals Value Chains
  • Climate Adaptation/Mitigation Technologies
  • Sustainable and Smart Agriculture and Food Systems
  • Water Quality and Conservation Technologies
  • Space and Defence Technologies
  • Mobilizing Cybersecurity
  • Open Data through Digital Technologies

Deadline Date

  November 15, 2022


Contact Name: Neil Sulakhe Director, Innovation Support Jobs, Economy and Innovation

Phone Number: 780-427-6022

E-mail Address:


Industry: University Partnerships, Location: Alberta ,
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