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Mental Health and Addiction COVID-19 Community Funding grant


up to $10 million


Government will provide a one time grant funding of up to $25 million for eligible projects and services to enhance community mental health and addiction recovery supports and services. Funding will be distributed through 3 calls for proposals from Alberta Health.

This final call for proposals will provide up to $10 million to fund community initiatives that aim to provide focused, action-oriented mental health and addiction supports and services (for example, self-help groups or bereavement support for people experiencing increased social barriers to recovery).

Eligible Applicants

Eligible organizations

  • charitable organizations
  • non-profits
  • faith organizations
  • small community groups

Eligible Expenses

Eligible projects include addiction and recovery support services, projects that engage community members, and initiatives to improve individual, family or community mental health.

Projects must align with one or more of the following funding priorities:

  • protect and promote psychosocial well-being and resilience
  • mitigate, prevent or treat the mental and behavioural health and addiction issues that arise for individuals in response to, or recovery from, the COVID-19 pandemic
  • support or enhance individuals’ ability to adapt to the stress and distress of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • increase individuals’ capacity to respond to the adverse impacts of the pandemic by developing a sense of empowerment and responsibility, and engage civil society (paid and volunteer) in helping individuals adapt and cope
  • support workers’ willingness and ability to continue to work
  • improve support of and adherence to public health measures

Deadline Date

   November 2020
Industry: Non-Profit, Location: Alberta , Tags: Health  
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