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Mission from MaRS: Climate Impact Challenge




Mission from MaRS: Climate Impact Challenge aims to address the global climate crisis by rapidly accelerating the adoption of Canada’s most impactful carbon-reducing innovations. MaRS is seeking ventures across three core technology and infrastructure themes: energy, real estate, and transportation. Together, solutions targeting these sectors have the potential to mitigate gigatons of GHG emissions globally and, in the process, change the way the global marketplace views Canada’s cleantech sector.

Eligible Applicants

Your company must:
• Be headquartered in Canada.
• Be majority owned by Canadian shareholders.
• Be a small or mid-sized enterprise (SME) as defined by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. You can access the SME definition here.
• Have been established for at least one year.
• Own the IP of any technology relevant to your application.
• Be a scale-up company with a low-carbon solution that has been or is close to being deployed commercially. Generally, companies with a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 7 and higher will be considered.

Eligible Expenses

  • Awarded a curated team of representatives from industry, government, the capital community, and relevant regulatory bodies to accelerate the adoption of your technology
  • Granted a customized climate impact assessment to quantify your technology’s potential to reduce GHG emissions
  • Elevated profile as part of a national initiative
  • Showcased at exclusive investors and customer events and workshops
  • Access to the MaRS portfolio of services

Deadline Date

March 24, 2021


Contact Name: Mission from MaRS: Climate Impact Challenge

E-mail Address:


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