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Municipal Energy Manager (MEM) Program


80% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $80,000 per year up to two years. (Year 2 is optional and contingent on meeting minimum Year 1 requirements.)


The Municipal Energy Manager (MEM) program enables Municipalities to manage their energy use, become more energy efficient, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their facilities by providing funding to hire a Municipal Energy Manager. A MEM helps Municipalities by developing an energy management plan, finding energy-saving opportunities, and leading energy and GHG reducing projects. The MEM program supplements the salary of a new or existing municipal employee to serve as the Municipal Energy Manager

Eligible Applicants

The following are eligible to participate in the MEM program:

• Municipalities: designated Municipalities within the province of Alberta with population sizes below 150,000 residents (as per the 2016 Alberta Population Census) are eligible to participate in the MEM program. As per Section 1(s) of the Municipal Government Act, a “Municipality” is defined as:

  • a city, town, village, summer village, municipal district or specialized Municipality;
  • repealed 1995 c24 s2;
  • a town under the Parks Towns Act;
  • or a Municipality formed by a special Act; or, if the context requires, the geographical area within the boundaries of a Municipality described in sub-clauses (i) to (iii).


Municipalities with hired MEMs prior to April 30, 2021 will be eligible for Year Two funding and access to technical advisor support. Applications received afterwards will only be eligible for one year of funding, evaluated on a case by case basis. To participate, a Municipality must apply, receive approval, and sign a Funding Agreement prior to August 3, 2021. MEM positions must be hired and active in their roles prior to April 2022

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses consist of direct salaries, or wages paid by the Municipality to the MEM for time worked on energy savings/GHG reduction activities and in accordance with the Municipality’s pay scales as regular salary excluding overtime pay and bonuses.

Deadline Date

  Sign the Funding Agreement by August 3, 2021, and hire your energy manager any time before April 2022.


Contact Name: Municipal Climate Change Action Centre

Phone Number: 780-433-4431 or 310-2862 (Toll Free)


Industry: Municipalities, Location: Alberta ,
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