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Music Business Innovation Micro Grant │ Alberta Music


Minimum Grant: $5,000; Maximum Grant: $25,000


The Music Business Innovation Micro Grant program is designed to provide one-time funding to live music venues and other music industry businesses who have incurred financial losses due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Funded by the Government of Alberta, this program supports projects that aim to sustain venues and businesses during the pandemic and innovative initiatives, platforms, and services that address the needs of Alberta’s music industry. This program encourages creativity in business and the fostering, protection, and creation of jobs within the music sector in Alberta.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must be a registered, for-profit, Alberta business that has live music performances/showcases as a primary business activity and/or revenue stream. Majority ownership must be held by residents of Alberta (having resided in Alberta for a period of six months prior to application) and residents of Alberta must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. Eligible venues include: clubs, rental halls, theatres, and outdoor concert spaces. Venues must have an existing infrastructure for musical performances and gatherings, such as a stage, sound and lighting system, and so forth. Small-to-medium sized venues, with a maximum capacity of 5000, are eligible.

Eligible Expenses

Each application must include a projected budget to be approved by Alberta Music. Expenses must be incurred after the application is submitted. Expenses must relate to the Music Business Innovation Micro Grant program and directly support the applicant’s business and the funded project. A detailed budget must be submitted with your application.

  • Operating expenses: Operating expenses such as salaries, utilities, rent, etc. that are related to the project may be included. Applicants must calculate the amount as it relates directly to the project. Ongoing operating expenses that are not specifically related to the project are not eligible;
  • Capital costs: Capital costs that relate to the project are eligible;
  • Marketing expenses: Design expenses, advertising costs, general marketing expenses, publicity, etc. are eligible;
    ● Artist fees: Artist fees related to the project are eligible;
  • Content creation and production costs: All expenses related to video production, podcast production, or other media content, including the production of live, in-person, or online streaming concerts, are eligible, including venue costs, tech fees, promotional costs, etc.;
  • Administrative fee: An admin fee will be an eligible expense and Alberta Music will recognize up to 15% of final total costs of the project as the admin fee projected expenses.

Deadline Date

July 2, 2021


Contact Name: Alberta Music

E-mail Address:


Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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