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Music Organization Operating Grant:


Eligible organizations may receive no less than a minimum of $5,000 or more than a maximum of $125,000.


The program provides funding to help cover operating expenses for organizations involved in the creation of sound recordings.

Eligible Applicants

To be considered eligible, your organization must be a sound recording organization.

Your organization must also:

  • be registered and in good standing in accordance with the appropriate provincial legislation
  • have been in operation in Alberta for at least 12 months prior to application
  • be at least 51% majority owned by an Albertan or Albertans, and the effective control must reside with the persons who are residents of Alberta
  • develop, produce, license, release, promote and distribute sound recordings as a principal business function by individuals other than the organizations principals, board members or stakeholders
    • artist-run labels or artist-entrepreneurs are not eligible
  • be physically located in Alberta
  • have industry-recognized national distribution demonstrated by being a factor recognized distributor, or hold a minimum of 3 nationally recognized vendor numbers
  • have revenue, comprising of sales revenue, publishing royalties and licence fees that exceeds $15,000 in the last full fiscal year prior to applying for the grant
  • have the production copyright of the sound recording(s) owned or licensed by the label for each recording released
  • have published in the 12 months prior to application a minimum of 2 sound recording releases with a minimum running time of at least 20 minutes
    • For the programs purpose a sound recording release is equivalent to:
      • 1 physical full-length album (CD or vinyl)
      • 1 digital full-length album
      • 6 physical CD singles or EPs, or 6 vinyl singles or EPs
      • 6 individual digital tracks

Eligible Expenses

Eligible organizations may receive funding to invest in the operations and administration of their organization to further its mission and strengthen the organization’s and industry’s capacity.

Deadline Date

  The intake period is open from April 1 to June 1 annually.


Contact Name: Cultural Industry Grants:

Phone Number: 780-422-8584 or 310-0000 (toll-free)

E-mail Address:


Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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