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Natural Gas Cleantech Competition │ Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF):


NGIF is offering up to $500,000 (CAD) per project, representing as much as 33% of a project’s eligible expenses.


NGIF Industry Grant’s Natural Gas Cleantech Competition is a $4.5 million (CAD) call to accelerate clean technology solutions across the natural gas value chain. NGIF is accepting grant funding applications for innovations that have the potential to generate significant environmental and economic performance benefits in the following strategic focus areas:

  • Natural Gas GHG Reductions: Emerging technologies on Hydrogen production, distribution and end-use; Renewable Natural Gas (RNG); Methane Mitigation; and Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization to decarbonize the natural gas production, transmission, and distribution network.
  • Sustainable Operations: Sustainable operations encompass technologies that can advance operational excellence while improving environmental performance across the natural gas value chain. Focus is on leading technologies in areas such as Natural Gas Production and Recovery; Energy Efficiency (including Natural Gas Heat Pumps); Heat and Power Generation; Waste-heat Utilization; Water Management; Land Reclamation; Emissions Monitoring; and Digital Technologies to improve the efficiency and resiliency of natural gas industry.
  • Natural Gas Applications: Innovative technologies, processes, and business models which can create new markets for gas and or increase the share of gas demand through Value-Added products; Fuel-Switching; and Transportation applications.

Eligible Applicants

NGIF invites start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with solutions that can create value and mitigate environmental impacts in the production, transmission, distribution, and end-use of natural gas in Canada.

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

  July 08, 2022, at 3:00 pm EST.


Contact Name: Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF):

E-mail Address:


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