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Neighbourhood Park Development Program (NPDP) | City of Edmonton


Basic Projects: $15,000 in matching funds for basic projects every 5 years; Intermediate Projects: $75,000 in matching funds for intermediate projects every 10 years; Extensive Projects: $250,000 in matching funds for extensive projects every 15 years


The City of Edmonton Neighbourhood Park Development Program (NPDP) provides funding to support improvements to parks at the neighbourhood level. The intent of the program is to guide, facilitate, and support the creation of great spaces and fun places for neighbourhood play, wellness, and learning through active partnerships with the community.

Community Recreation Coordinators are assigned to specific neighbourhoods to provide support to recreation initiatives including any changes or improvements to parkland.

Contact the Community Recreation Coordinator (CRC) for your area. If you do not know who the CRC is, please call 311 for assistance.

Eligible Applicants

Any not-for-profit organization that has a desire to make improvements on their neighbourhood park site can apply. For example,

  • Community leagues
  • Parent advisory councils
  • Other not-for-profit agencies

To be eligible for NPDP funding the proposed projects must be on a neighbourhood park. As defined by the Urban Parks Management Plan, a park includes the following:

  • Pocket parks
  • Urban village parks
  • Community parks
  • School parks

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

Industry: Non-Profit, Location: Alberta ,
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