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New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) (up to $25,000)


Up to $25,000


The New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) (up to $25,000) is a federal grants and contributions program that supports projects designed by and for seniors who make a difference in the lives of others and their communities. Through the NHSP, the Government of Canada encourages seniors to share their knowledge, skills and experiences to the benefit of others.

Eligible Applicants

The application must be submitted by an eligible organization:

  • non-profit organization
  • municipal government
  • provincial and territorial government
  • institution and Crown Corporation
  • Indigenous organization (including band council, tribal council and self-government entity)
  • research organization or institute
  • educational institution
  • public health and social services institution
  • coalition, network or ad hoc committee
  • for-profit organization

Eligible Expenses

Projects for which capital assistance is being requested are eligible as long as the project will support new or existing community programs and activities for seniors. Therefore, in addition to having capital assistance as an objective, projects must also meet one of the first 4 program objectives. In this case, it is mandatory that you select one of the first 4 program objectives listed.

In keeping with the Government of Canada’s commitments, ESDC established 3 national priorities for the NHSP Community-based projects in fiscal year 2019 to 2020:

  • preventing elder abuse and fraud, including measures to reduce crimes and harm against seniors
  • supporting healthy aging in community, addressing dementia, including supports and intergenerational housing
  • counteracting ageism in the workplace to promote labour market retention of seniors

Deadline Date

  December 21, 2021
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