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Northern Aboriginal Broadcasting (NAB) – Indigenous Languages and Cultures Program


Up to 100% of eligible expenses or $2,500,000 per fiscal year


The Northern Aboriginal Broadcasting (NAB) component of the Indigenous Languages and Cultures Program supports the production and distribution of Indigenous audio and video content.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for funding, your organization or group must be:

  • a not-for-profit, democratically controlled Indigenous organization incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act or under corresponding provincial/territorial legislation; or
  • a not-for-profit, democratically controlled independent Indigenous community group that include ad-hoc committees defined as a temporary committee set up to do a specific task (not a permanent standing committee); or
  • a not-for-profit, democratically controlled non-Indigenous organization working in partnership with Indigenous organizations or Indigenous advisory committees in situations where Indigenous organizations/community groups do not exist.

In addition, your organization or group must provide broadcast communications north of the Hamelin Line, which is drawn at the 55th parallel and defines the Canadian North for purposes of policy.

Eligible Expenses

Only project-related expenses, which can be of cash and in-kind value, are eligible; these may include:

  • salaries and employee benefits directly related to the delivery of the project;
  • training directly related to the successful delivery of the proposed activities;
  • rental/utilities costs for facilities specifically required for the project and/or project activities;
  • equipment rental/service/purchase;
  • project supplies and resource materials;
  • photocopying/printing/translation directly related to project activities;
  • communications directly related to project activities;
  • honoraria for Elders and professional services/consulting fees related directly to the project;
  • travel within Canada related to the project;
  • insurance directly related to project activities;
  • meetings;
  • rent and utilities;
  • purchase or refurbishment of transmitter system and receiving equipment;
  • installation, engineering and shipping costs;
  • satellite leasing costs;
  • costs associated with new and emerging communications technology, including purchase and upgrade of hardware and software;
  • name of television broadcaster (where applicable); and
  • administration costs (not to exceed 15% of the total approved funding), including : bookkeeping services; office supplies; insurance; telephone, fax; postage, courier; photocopying/printing; rent for office space; audit; legal; and translation.

Deadline Date

  November 19
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