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Oil and Gas (OGCI) Climate Investments




Oil and Gas (OGCI) Climate Investments is committed to driving significant reductions in methane emissions across the oil and gas value chain. This investment call is for projects that require funding to deliver significant near-term methane emissions reduction. It aims to address the current capital constraints that are slowing efforts by some operators to fix methane emissions.

Eligible Applicants

Applications are open to owners, operators, developers, or service providers that can demonstrate their projects are operationally and financially viable.

Eligible Expenses

Projects that:

  • aim to accelerate the reduction of methane emissions by closing the capital availability gap that is hindering commercially viable projects.
  • demonstration of innovative business models will attract broader investor participation in future emission reduction projects.

* Project proposals may include innovative solutions and business models in areas such as: Flare minimization, Venting elimination, Fugitives reduction and Complete combustion.

Deadline Date

September 14, 2020
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