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Oil Spill Response Challenge │ Impact Canada


Grand Prize Winner will receive $2M in grant funding.


The Oil Spill Response Challenge will advance innovative and rapidly deployable solutions to effectively detect oil spills and improve response time or to increase the oil spill recovery rate when compared against conventional tools in diverse Canadian aquatic environments.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants to the Challenge include the following:

  • For-profit and not-for-profit organizations such as companies, industry associations and research centres
  • Indigenous organizations and groups located in Canada
  • Post-secondary/academic institutions
  • Individual or groups that are recognized legal entities
  • International individuals and entities*

*Must have, or partner with, a legal entity in Canada.

Eligible Expenses


  • Ten semi-finalists will be selected to receive up to $300,000 each to support the development of their technology prototype
  • Five finalists with the top solutions will be selected for up to an additional $1 million each to continue to scale and demonstrate their technology
  • $2 million Grand Prize will be given to the team with the best demonstrated technology

Deadline Date

  June 1, 2022
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