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Other Business- Education, Training, Assessment, and Planning (Plant Health)


Maximum of $5,000


Other Business- Education, Training, Assessment, and Planning (Plant Health) supports projects that focuses on building operation-specific knowledge and expertise in support of plant health.

Eligible Applicants

Other businesses in the plant supply chain such as packers, retailers, and elevator and storage facility operators that are interested in:

  • Conducting operation-wide assessment against national biosecurity standards
  • Conducting commodity-specific health/pest risk assessments
  • Developing biosecurity procedures
  • Developing an integrated pest management plan or a response plan for potential invasive pest introductions
  • Participating in workshops or training in the following areas: plant health, biosecurity or calibration and application

Eligible Expenses

  • Training and education from a third-party training institution or consultant on topics related to the adoption of national biosecurity standards or a commodity-specific risk management program
  • Certified Crop Advisor services to provide:
    • A first-time assessment of facilities against national biosecurity standards or a commodity-specific health or pest risk assessment
    • A first-time assessment and production of a written report or plan that provides initial recommendations for implementing an integrated pest management plan and Best Management Practices (BMPs)
    • Biosecurity, disease or pest response or operational procedures
  • Certified Crop Advisor fees may include:
    • Data collection, sampling and analysis
    • Preparation of a report and review with the producer
  • Planning and decision support tools (e.g., purchase of computer software necessary for risk management planning, aerial photos)
  • Maps and land resource information costs
  • Baseline laboratory testing for plant pests as part of an integrated pest management plan
  • Production of training or promotional material for workshops or training

Deadline Date

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Contact Name: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Phone Number: 1-877-424-1300

E-mail Address:


Industry: Agriculture, Location: Ontario ,
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