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Partnership development activities (PDA) – Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP)


Up to 50% of eligible costs to a maximum of $15,000 for approved PDA Projects.


Partnership Development Activities (PDAs) are networking, educational, and matchmaking activities. We design our PDAs to facilitate collaborative research and development (R&D) projects between Canadian companies and foreign partners.

Eligible Applicants

This program is for Canadian companies that:

  • are incorporated, profit-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise, with up to 500 full-time equivalent employees
  • are ready to collaborate on a R&D project with a foreign partner
  • are seeking to commercialize new or improved products, services, or processes
  • own or co-own the intellectual property of the technology that will be commercialized
  • have sufficient resources to support the shared cost of attending the PDA
  • are not entirely funded by Canadian government organizations (federal, provincial, territorial, or municipal or Crown corporations)

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses include:

  • economy class airfare
  • accommodations
  • meals (per diems)
  • local transportation
  • translation and marketing material
  • conference and tradeshow fees
  • photocopies or printed material

Open activities

Deadline Title Sector(s) Partner economy PDA dates
May 19, 2023 Canadian Critical Minerals Technology partnering delegation to the UK Critical Minerals United Kingdom June 26 – 29, 2023
June 12, 2023 Canadian Prevention and Treatment of Cancer R&D Partnering Delegation to Germany Nanomedicine Germany November 6-10, 2023

Deadline Date

  Open and closes.


Contact Name: Science, Technology and Innovation Division Global Affairs Canada

E-mail Address:


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