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At Pengrowth our “social” license to operate is as important to our success as our “technical” licenses. A social license includes the ways we invest in the communities where we work, and to ensure residents are informed about our activities and practices in their area.  For the most part, our employees live and play in the communities in which we operate. Having those strong roots in the community helps Pengrowth build strong relationships with our neighbors.

We provide funding for our community partners in areas of education, healthcare, community development, safety and sustainability.

Eligible Applicants

Your organization should be located in and/or serving a Pengrowth community

Your organization should be a registered charity which is eligible to issue official tax receipts for donations, or an established non-profit community organization with a non-profit society number

Except in special circumstances, donations will not be made in support of individual applicants, travel expenses, religious organizations or political events

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

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