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Pilot project: Wastewater systems | Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM):


Grant: Up to $500,000 to cover up to 50% of eligible costs; Municipalities and municipal partners with a population of 20,000 or under may qualify for a grant of up to 80 per cent of eligible project costs under certain conditions.


We fund pilot projects for innovative wastewater treatment initiatives. This funding helps Canadian cities and communities of all sizes protect local bodies of water through improved wastewater treatment.

Eligible Applicants

All Canadian municipal governments; Municipal partners applying in partnership with a municipal government.

Eligible Expenses

Pilot projects assess solutions in real-life conditions. They evaluate either a small-scale version of a project or a full-scale, replicable version.

Your pilot project may compare several options or assess one option’s ability to treat wastewater using an innovative solution or approach.

New or retrofit projects are eligible if they meet provincial regulatory requirements. Your initiative may serve a region, municipality, province or territory.

Your pilot should assess whether the project meets the necessary requirements (e.g., financial, technical), has a solid business case and the ability to deliver strong environmental, financial and social benefits directly to your community or through replication in other municipalities. Your project’s outcomes should help you decide whether to scale up the use of the solution you are piloting.

Examples of what you might pilot:

  • Constructing a wastewater treatment facility using a new design approach
  • Retrofitting an existing facility to upgrade its treatment processes
  • Equipping an existing facility with alternative, innovative systems (e.g., advanced membrane systems, electrochemical systems)
  • Nutrient removal and resource recovery
  • Removal of endocrine disruptors and other substances of emerging concern (e.g., antibiotics, pharmaceuticals)

Deadline Date

  Applications are accepted year round, though this offer will close when all funding has been allocated.


Contact Name: Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)

Phone Number: 1-877-417-0550

E-mail Address:


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