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Post-Secondary Education Funding | Rupertslands Institute Metis Centre of Excellence




Rupertsland Institute (RLI) provides post-secondary financial aid to Métis students to reduce the overall cost of education and the financial burden it can have. RLI seeks to increase the number of Métis students who successfully complete post-secondary studies and to bring parity between Métis post-secondary participation to that of other Albertans.

The RLI Post-Secondary Education (PSE) program is made possible by a 10-year funding agreement between the Government of Canada and the Métis Nation of Alberta and it is in effect until 2029. Because the agreement is distinctions-based, only Métis Nation of Alberta citizens will be able to access PSE programming.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must meet the following requirements; RLI will verify all information provided:

  1. Must be a member of the Rupertsland Métis Students Association.
  2. Must produce MNA Citizenship identification card or provide an identification number pending verification by the MNA Registrar.
  3. Must be enrolled in a recognized post-secondary program in Canada (excluding applicants applying for Referral Program Support).
  4. Must work with RLI services to determine level of support from Métis Students Services (if applicable) and commit to a Student Action Plan.

Who can apply for this funding?

  • Students who have been accepted and are enrolling in a post-secondary program
  • Students who are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program
  • Mature students who have been accepted and are entering a post-secondary program

Eligible Expenses

Financial support for eligible post-secondary applicants.

Deadline Date

November 16, 2020


Contact Name: Rupertslands Institute Metis Centre of Excellence

Phone Number: 1-888-48-MÉTIS


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