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Post-Secondary Partnerships Program │ Indigenous Services Canada:




This program aims to increase the number of First Nations students pursuing post-secondary education and contribute to closing the education attainment gap between First Nations and non-Indigenous students in Canada.

The program is First Nations-directed, regionally delivered and supports First Nations-established post-secondary education institutions and First Nations community-based programming.

Eligible Applicants

  • Band councils of recognized First Nations bands
  • Self-governing First Nations
  • Organizations designated by band councils:
    • bands or settlements
    • tribal councils
    • education organizations
    • political or treaty organizations engaged by or on behalf of First Nations and First Nations established post-secondary education institutions
  • The First Nations University of Canada

Eligible Expenses

Funding allocations are determined by a 2-step process:

  • regional allocations are made based on First Nations population distribution
  • First Nations designated and directed organizations in each region will work with ISC in the allocation of funds according to program guidelines

Eligible expenditures include the direct costs for First Nations and First Nations established post-secondary education institutions to develop and deliver post-secondary education programming for First Nations students.

Deadline Date

  Please contact your ISC regional office for information on the deadline for submitting a proposal in fiscal year 2023 to 2024.
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