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Post-Secondary Student Support Program │ Indigenous Services Canada:


The maximum amount payable per full time student cannot exceed $53,000 per year. On an extraordinary and justified basis, the maximum amount payable per year for a student in an advanced or professional degree program or a masters or doctoral program, may exceed $53,000 up to a maximum of $90,000.


This program aims to increase the number of First Nations students pursuing post-secondary education The program aims to improve the socio-economic outcomes for First Nations by supporting First Nations in providing eligible students with funding to access education opportunities at the post-secondary level. This is consistent with the principle of First Nations control of First Nations education.

To be eligible for funding, students must maintain a satisfactory academic standing within an eligible post-secondary institution. These include:

  • educational institutions affiliated with, or those that deliver post-secondary programs by arrangement with a post-secondary institution
  • First Nations-designated and directed institutions

Eligible Applicants

  • Status First Nations post-secondary students who maintain satisfactory academic standing within an eligible post-secondary institution.
  • Funding is limited and not all students may be funded. Partial funding may be provided. Applications are valid for 1 school year only.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible costs covered by the program may include:

  • tuition
  • books
  • travel support
  • living allowances

Deadline Date

  Please contact your local band office or ISC regional office for information on deadlines to apply for funding.
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