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Poultry Innovation Partnership (PIP Fund)




The Poultry Innovation Partnership (PIP) Leveraging Committee is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the PIP Matching Fund. Applications and due April 12, 2021. launched their 2021-22 call on January 27th, 2021. If would like to apply for this call click here.

Eligible Applicants


Eligible Expenses

Intention of the PIP Matching Fund

  • To support activities that align with the PIP Program.
  • That a portion of the PIP Fund will be leveraged to maximize the value of industry contributions to the PIP Fund.

PIP Contributing Partners are looking to provide cash resources for projects related to the PIP Program such as:

  • Tech transfer, commercialization, and communication
  • Collaboration
  • HQP training
  • Heritage genetics

Deadline Date

  April 9, 2021 – LOIs due


Contact Name: Poultry Innovation Partnership

Phone Number: + 1 780 221 1462

E-mail Address:


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