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Poultry- Producer Assurance Rebate Program


Maximum program payment of $15,000 per operation


The Poultry- Producer Assurance Rebate Program provides poultry producers with a rebate for approved eligible equipment expenses that improve biosecurity and animal welfare practices.

Eligible Applicants

You are eligible to apply for a rebate if:

  • You are a Saskatchewan poultry producer;
  • You are 18 years of age;
  • You must file income tax in Saskatchewan demonstrating a minimum of $50,000 in gross farm income in the year of the application;
  • You have a Saskatchewan Premises Identification number.
  • You have completed the relevant training and audit as follows:
    • Chicken:
      • Raised by a Canadian Farmer On Farm Food Safety Program; and
      • Raised by a Canadian Farmer Animal Care Program.
    • Turkey:
      • On-Farm Food Safety Program; and
      • Flock Care Program.
    • Egg Producers:
      • Start-Clean Stay-Clean; and
      • Animal Care Program.
    • Hatching Egg Producers:
      • Canadian Hatching Egg Quality (CHEQ); and
      • Animal Care Program.
  • You have had an assessment completed by a veterinarian licensed in Saskatchewan.

Eligible Expenses


  • Fencing/coverage for bedding storage (Max rebate: $2,500):
    • Posts (metal or wood), wire, material (staples);
  • Mortality disposal site (fencing only) (Max rebate: $750):
    • Posts (metal or wood), wire, material (staples);
  • Manure storage (fencing to prevent contact and access) (Max rebate: $2,500):
    • Posts, wire, material (staples);
  • Feeder caps:
    • Covers for feeders in enrich housing system;
  • Water treatment monitoring equipment:
    • Water filtration system may include chlorination, greensand filter;
  • Signage for controlled and restricted zones:
    • Gate and visitor signs specifying biosecurity;
  • Cleaning and disinfection station(s):
    • Hand wash stations;
  • Commercial sweeper:
    • Walk-behind unit;
    • Battery powered; and
  • Sanitation of mobile equipment:
    • Backpack sprayers;
    • Stationary or portable for vehicles and equipment; and
    • Fogging machine for disinfection.

Animal Welfare Improvements

  • Advanced warning/communication system:
    • Welfare alarms including temperature, fan alarms;
  • Lighting improvements:
    • LED flickering – appropriate control system, dawn to dusk lighting controllers, shatterproof lighting and appropriate bulbs (Maximum rebate on bulbs $250);
  • Fencing for bird separation:
    • Wire or plastic mesh fencing;
  • Cage dividers:
    • Wire mesh;
  • Monitoring and recording for flock care:
    • Video monitoring and light intensity meters;
  • Slat flooring:
    • Polypropylene or plastic slat flooring;
    • Curtain system to control air movement and temperature:
  • Curtain system specifically designed for poultry barns;
    • Enrichment items for enrichment cages:
    • Perches, scratch pads;
  • Hanging weigh scales:
    • Digital or spring scale;
  • Air quality:
    • Carbon dioxide sensor, ammonia sensor;
  • Litter moisture sensors:
    • Probe, alarm;
  • Approved bird euthanasia devices:
    • Cervical dislocation devices, chamber and cart gassing and associated equipment; and
  • Hot weather management equipment:
    • Misting systems, fogger system, evaporative cooling pads.

Deadline Date

Industry: Agriculture, Location: Saskatchewan ,
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