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Product Development Funds – Innovation Fund | Travel Alberta:


Up to $125,000 with 20% fund matching required.


Develop and diversify assets, programs and experiences of existing operators.


  • Creates a new purchasable tourism experience within Alberta
  • Contributes to job creation and economic growth
  • Diversifies the seasonality of product offering for the operation/region
  • Supports the Indigenous tourism sector
  • Supports sustainability practices within the tourism operation

Eligible Applicants

  • Alberta based tourism businesses
  • Indigenous businesses
  • Not-for-profit organizations and municipalities with a focus on tourism
  • Must have a minimum three years in operation
  • Tourism offering must be available for more than 120 days per year

Eligible Expenses

  • Lease or Purchase Costs for Equipment: Use the funds to lease or buy equipment that offers new visitor activities not currently available or enhances the existing offerings and visitor experience.
  • Specialized Equipment for a Diverse Market: Invest in specialized equipment that enables your organization to cater to a broader range of people, including those with different physical abilities.
  • Seasonal Temporary or Movable Structures: Improve visitor comfort and enhance their experience with the funds by setting up temporary structures that can be moved around during different seasons.
  • Permits and Licensing Expenses: Cover the costs of permits and licenses needed to expand the variety of activities or experiences you provide.
  • Testing New Experiences: Utilize the funds to pilot and try out new experiences to see how visitors respond.
  • Developing Interpretive Programs: Allocate the funds towards the development of interpretive programs that enhance or create new tourism experiences.
  • Content Development: Create engaging content through photography, videos, and written materials (provide a shot list with your application).

Deadline Date

  Expression of Interest (EOI) for the innovation fund opens August 21 to September 11, 2023.
Industry: Indigenous, Non-Profit, Tourism, Location: Alberta ,
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