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Product2Market: Value-Added


Each project will be eligible for up to $100,000 per company per year


Product2Market: Value-Added promotes the development and expansion of small to medium sized enterprises by supporting agri-business product development and the marketing of value-added products.

The program is divided into two streams that are both application-based:

  • Prototype and Product Development Streamsupports new product development, commercialization, market readiness and promotional activities.
  • Market Development Stream: supports Saskatchewan companies to expand their domestic and international markets through promotional and marketing activities.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must be agriculture value-added processors that operate and file taxes in Saskatchewan.

Note: Applicants are encouraged to consult with a Value-added Specialist to discuss the proposed business opportunity and their application.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible activities include:

  • Material costs.
  • Processing and manufacturing costs.
  • Packaging and labelling development costs.
  • Assessment and development of a process/manufacturing technology.
  • Equipment rentals.
  • Market readiness for a target market where the applicant can demonstrate market opportunity exists (e.g. product modifications or alterations to packaging and labelling).
  • Promotional/marketing activities for a new product, including:
    • Paid advertisements in electronic, print, media or event support material. This includes targeted advertisements in social media applications;
    • Design, translation production and shipping of marketing and promotional material designed to generate business for the new product or new market (e.g. brochures, pamphlets, video, web-based items); and
    • Updating/developing website to introduce a new product. This activity has a funding cap of $1,000 per project.

Deadline Date

Industry: Agriculture, Location: Saskatchewan ,
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